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Dec 27, 2023

Best Gaming Desk In 2023

From budget gaming desks to pricier L-shaped or ultrawide options, here are the best gaming desks to consider in 2023. By Jenae Sitzes , Steven Petite , and Jon Bitner on April 19, 2023 at 12:09PM PDT

From budget gaming desks to pricier L-shaped or ultrawide options, here are the best gaming desks to consider in 2023.

By Jenae Sitzes , Steven Petite , and Jon Bitner on April 19, 2023 at 12:09PM PDT

Best Gaming Desk

Secretlab Magnus Gaming Desk (59.1")

Best High-End Gaming Desk

Secretlab Magnus Pro Gaming Desk (59.1" or 70")

Best Ergonomic Gaming Desk

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk (44.5")

Best Ultrawide Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk (63")

Best Budget Gaming Desk

Vitesse Gaming Desk (55")

Best Budget Ultrawide Gaming Desk

Vitesse Gaming Desk (63")

Best For Boosting Your Monitor

Gtracing Gaming Desk (47")

Best under 45" budget desk

Homall Gaming Desk (44")

Best Standing Desk

FlexiSpot Comhar EG8 Gaming Desk (48")

Best premium standing desk

Flexispot E7 Pro Plus Desk (48")

Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Desk (59")

Most Adjustable L-Shaped Desk

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk (58.1")

Best L-Shaped Glass Gaming Desk

Walker Edison L-Shaped Glass Gaming Desk (51")

Best Budget L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Homall L Shaped Gaming Desk (51")

Best L-Shaped Desk For Storage

Bush Furniture L-Shaped Computer Desk (60")

Best Gaming Desk For Small Spaces

CubiCubi Computer Desk (47")

Best Gaming Lap Desk

Couchmaster Cycon 2

Best Standard Desk For Gaming

Coleshome Computer Desk (47")

Another Great Computer Desk For Gaming

Tribesigns Computer Desk (55")

The best gaming desks in 2023 are far more minimalistic and less flashy than many other gaming products. They tend to have focused features that are designed with gaming comfortably in mind. The best gaming desks feature ample space for your gaming monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories as well as room for your PC or console. You may also might to find a desk that has gaming-specific features such as cable management, headphone mounts, or monitor stands. Pairing your flashy PC and peripherals with a good gaming desk brings the entire setup together. While there are some really nice options out there that cost a lot of money, you don't necessarily have to spend a ton to get one of the best gaming desks for your needs.

There's an overwhelming amount of options out there, and it's easy to assume that you need a desk specifically marketed as a "gaming desk," but that's not necessarily the case. Finding the best gaming desk for you depends on your specific needs, including your budget, how much equipment you have, and how much space you can afford to take up. You'll also need to consider whether you're looking for an ultrawide or not. At the end of the day, a regular computer desk can work great for gaming and can be much more budget-friendly. Some of these non-gaming-specific desks may also have added features like drawers or shelving that you don't often see in a typical gaming desk. We've rounded up a variety of highly rated gaming desk options here--whether you're looking for something cheap or looking to splurge on something a little nicer like a standing desk, we've got you covered.

Not just a sturdy platform to put your gaming rig on, the Secretlab Magnus is a good-looking piece of furniture as well that's sure to turn some heads. Its real charm comes from its excellent options for cable management, its ability to house the heaviest of PC builds, and plenty of desktop real estate. It may have a premium price, but there's no mistaking the premium look, finish, and feel of this desk.

The Magnus is constructed with metal, giving it sturdy feel. But it's also extremely practical for gaming thanks to its built-in cable management system. The clever hidden compartment keeps your desk space and wall/floor clear of a mess of cables.

If you buy a Magnus desk, it's practically a must to pair it with the Magpad, which is an add-on accessory that starts at $39 right now when buying it with the desk. The Magpad is a full-length cover that acts as a premium oversized mouse pad. It really does feel like an evolution of mouse pads thanks to its soft and smooth leatherette surface. The Magpad comes in a wide variety of styles, allowing you to kit out your desktop with gear from Valorant, Cyberpunk 2077, and other iconic games. The Magpad really does feel like an evolution of mouse pads thanks to its premium soft leatherette surface.

Secretlab also sells additional magnetic accessories such as a headset hanger, bumpers, and other useful accessories to make your setup even more convenient (and stylish). No matter how you deck out your Magnus, it's going to both look good and feel great to use. With its magnetic metal design, every accessory you use--including the Magpad--is secure while also being easy to adjust.

It doesn't get better than this when it comes to gaming desks. With additional accessories, the Magnus can get quite pricey, but you probably won't be tempted to replace it for many years. You could pair the Magnus with Secretlab's Titan Evo, our pick for the best gaming chair available today.

The Secretlab Magnus Pro takes everything that makes the original Magnus so great and combined it with heaps of additional functionality. So while it offers a sturdy build, tons of space, and a cable management system, it also includes an internal power supply, electric height adjustment, and a built-in control panel for easy operation. The height adjustment is key, as it allows the Magnus Pro to double as a standing desk.

It’s a well-rounded desk on its own, but Secretlab gives you plenty of ways to customize its look and performance with a long list of accessories. This includes a Monitor arm mount, headphone hanger, and tons of unique Magpad Desk Mats.

If that’s not enough, consider opting for the Pro XL. It’s a bit pricey and clocks in just under $1,000, but it gives you additional width and height--making it easy to fit all your gear. Folks with multiple monitors or a massive ultrawide display will get the most mileage out of the added real estate, although it’s also a great option for someone who has amassed a small army of collectibles and figurines and wants to display them around their battlestation.

If you're looking for the best gaming desk to fill your space and support your gaming equipment, you can't go wrong with Eureka's series of ergonomic desks. The Eureka Z1-S is the standout option--this sturdy desk features a Z-shaped metal frame with an F1 balancing lever near the top of each leg to help stabilize the desk and prevent it from wobbling. It also has four adjustable feet to further help you level the desk. With a length of 44.5 inches, the Eureka Z1-S gaming desk is ideal for a single-monitor setup (although you could certainly fit two smaller ones) and perfect for rooms where space is at a premium.

Bonus features make this desk even more worthwhile--notably, it comes with RGB lighting on the sides. All you have to do is plug a USB cable into your gaming PC or laptop to power it. The Eureka Z1-S has eight different lighting modes and six different colors so you can customize the effects to your liking. It also features a handy controller stand, a cup holder, cable management grommets, and a headphone hook on the left side. This gaming desk also comes with a large removable mouse pad.

One drawback: The Eureka Z1-S doesn't come with a built-in retractable keyboard tray; instead, Eureka sells it separately for $100. Considering a retractable keyboard tray greatly improves the ergonomics of this desk, it's a shame the feature doesn't come built-in, but it does leave you with options on how much you want to spend. After trying out the Eureka Z1-S, it's possible you won't miss this feature at all.

The Arozzi Arena gaming desk is another popular option for those looking to load their desk up with monitors or a single ultrawide display. With a surface that's 63 inches (over 5 feet) long and a depth of 32 inches, there's plenty of desk space for not only your displays but your mouse, keyboard, and any other gaming accessories you want. Five different color options are available, including a plain black one and other shades like blue and green. Notably, this gaming desk comes with a large mouse pad that matches the shape and size of the surface area, converting the entire top of the desk into a usable pad. This is a hefty mouse pad that weighs 7 pounds, so you don't have to worry about it sliding around all the time.

While it lacks bonus accessories like a cup holder or headset hook, the Arozzi gaming desk adds meaningful features you'll probably appreciate more, including the ability to adjust the height of the desk. That means you don't have to worry about your gaming chair fitting under the desk or that your monitor will be at the proper ergonomic height--you can easily customize the Arozzi desk to your desired height.

The Arozzi Arena desk also has a great cable management system, with three cutouts in the desk and mousepad surface that allow you to hide cables in a net underneath the table. In addition, the feet are adjustable--be sure to follow the assembly instructions carefully and tighten the screws in the feet to prevent wobble.

At just $150, the Vitesse gaming desk is a great value for everything you get. Its 55-inch surface offers ample room to hold more than one gaming monitor and your PC or console on one side while taking up less space than the Arozzi Arena, and it also comes with an extra-large mouse pad that covers the entire surface. It brings back bonus features like a cup holder, headset hook, and controller rack, the latter of which features four USB ports for charging your devices so your gaming session can go uninterrupted.

The Vitesse gaming desk features a solid T-shaped frame that's sturdy enough to hold up to 260 pounds of weight. One annoying quirk: The desk is split into two boards, leaving a line down the middle. That's easily covered by the full-surface mouse pad that comes with it or another of your choosing, but it's something to be aware of.

Ultrawide monitors require a bit more space than your standard monitors, and few desks do a better job of welcoming ultrawide monitors than the Vitesse Gaming Desk. Clocking in at a massive 63 inches, you should have no problem space for your monitor, PC, and other accessories on this gigantic gaming desk.

But the Vitesse Gaming Desk offers more than just space. One of its coolest features is the Gaming Handle Rack--which features four charging ports and lets you charge your iPhone, headphone, or other accessories. You’ll even find a storage tray, cup holder, and headphone hook to make it even easier to store your gear.

Rounding out its spec sheet is a sprawling mousepad that takes up a large portion of your desk. Toss in a one-year warranty, and it’s easy to see why the Vitesse Gaming Desk has become a popular option for folks running with an ultrawide.

If you like to have your monitor raised up higher, this gaming desk from Gtracing will suit your needs well. It comes with an adjustable monitor stand that can be moved left or right to find the perfect angle for you. The stand will raise your monitor by about six inches, opening up more space underneath for other devices and gaming accessories and potentially turning it into a standing desk with the right setup. Because of that, the 47-inch long surface can be utilized more efficiently.

There's no cup holder here; instead, Gtracing has opted for two headphone hooks in case you have multiple headsets or other things to hang. There's also a power strip holder underneath the table to prevent a mess of cables from gathering underneath.

Looking for a smaller desk to fit into a tight room, office, or dorm? Consider checking out the Homall Gaming Desk, which is just 44 inches long and should be able to accommodate even the most cramped of spaces.

One of the best things about the Homall Gaming Desk is all the available color options. From pink and white to red and black, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye. The desk’s price is bound to catch your eye too, as it clocks in right around $100--and is often on sale for less. But despite its affordable price, it packs in some cool features, such as a carbon fiber texture, headphone hook, and cup holder.

While it’s probably not ideal for large displays or gaming rigs with tons of accessories, the Homall Gaming Desk is a solid entry-level product. And since it’s difficult to find gaming desktops this small, it’s definitely worth considering if you’re working with a tight space.

Standing desks aren't generally what comes to mind when one thinks of gaming desks, but if you're someone who's worried about the health effects of sitting too much or who suffers from back pain, a standing desk is worth considering. The FlexiSpot Comhar EG8 is one of the top standing desks we've tested, and it works great as a multipurpose desk for both gaming and working from home. Available in either all-black or all-white, the Comhar EG8 has a sleek glass top that gives the desk a premium look and feel--and it's as expensive as it looks, coming in at $500 for the list price. However, if you're looking to invest in a standing desk, we think the Comhar EG8 is worth the price for its bevy of features.

Powered by a motor that plugs into the wall, this standing desk is operated by a small control panel on the right side, which has up and down arrows that you use to raise or lower the desk to your preferred height. Notably, four programmable height presets are available so you can save your preferred standing and sitting heights (and share the desk with others if needed). A child lock prevents the desk from being activated accidentally, and there's an anti-collision feature as well, though we did have issues getting this to work every time when we tested this desk. The Comhar EG8 also has three USB charging ports (two USB Type-A, one Type-C) so you can easily charge smaller devices like your phone and tablet while keeping them close by. Assembly is surprisingly simple and quick as well.

If gaming is your only consideration, you may be better off choosing one of the other desks on this list that offer gaming-specific features, but if you want a desk that you can do work at as well as play games--and want to start taking more standing breaks--the Comhar EG8 is an excellent choice. (See our FlexiSpot Comhar EG8 review for more on our hands-on experience with the desk.)

If your gaming desk doubles as a work station, then you might be best served by a standing desk--and few are as highly reviewed as the Flexispot E7 Pro Plus. Available in a wide variety of designs (including Solid Wood and Bamboo), this sturdy desk is highly adjustable and can support a staggering 355 pounds, making it a great option for games with a heavy rig.

Its weight capacity of 355 pounds is even more impressive when you realize that its height is so adjustable that it can accommodate users between the heights of 4’2” all the way to 6’4”. That’s no small feat, and one that gives the Flexispot a leg up on most of the competition.

Other notable features included an embedded cable tray, an optional under-desk drawer, and programmable height presets for easy operation. It’s not cheap (you can easily spend over $600 depending on your configuration), but no doubt you’re getting a premium product.

Another solid option from Mr. Ironstone, this L-shaped desk comes in four different colors, including the all-black one shown above. It measures 59 inches in both directions and is 21.7 inches deep. You can count on it to be extremely sturdy and stable thanks to its X-shaped support bars, adjustable feet pads, and six separate legs to hold it upright. The bars along the bottom are also designed to be a footrest if you'd like, although again, if you have long legs, you could end up feeling cramped.

The appeal of an L-shaped gaming desk is obviously the amount of surface area and support it offers, and this Mr. Ironstone desk gets the job done well. It can support two to three monitors plus your gaming PC or console without fear of anything collapsing. The bevel edge in the middle is cleverly designed to offer room for cables to slide down between the desk and the wall corner. For less than 200 bucks, the Mr. Ironstone L-shaped gaming desk is one of the best we've found. If you're looking for a cheaper L-shaped desk that takes up less space, we also like the 50.8-inch option from Mr. Ironstone, which has a monitor stand to make it even more space-efficient.

While the Mr. Ironstone desk is symmetrical in either direction, this GreenForest L-shaped desk lets you switch the long and short sides of the desk, offering two ways to set it up based on your needs. The longer side measures 58.1 inches, while the shorter side is just 44.3 inches. The flexibility is definitely a pro, but the depth is a tad shorter, coming in at 19 inches. The curved corner allows for a little extra room to put your monitor or anything else there, and one could easily fit two of these L-shaped desks together to form a large U-shaped desk for even more room. It's available in five different shades, including black.

If you're looking to avoid cheaper-looking desks made of engineered wood, consider this Walker Edison L-shaped desk instead. Its sleek black top is made of tempered glass, giving it a more modern and professional look, although keep in mind the glass will be more prone to scratching and fingerprints if you're not careful, and it may get hot. It notably has a slide-out keyboard stand that's also made out of glass, but many Amazon reviewers have found that it's on the smaller side and hangs a bit too low, so you can always consider uninstalling it.

This corner gaming desk features very strong supports along the bottom, but don't pile too much on top of this tempered glass desk as you may risk breaking it. While it can support several monitors, I'd suggest leaving your hefty gaming PC on the ground just to be safe--it comes with an unattached CPU stand, but regardless of whether you use it, the back corner is a great spot for the PC itself.

Finding a reliable gaming desk under $100 isn’t easy, but the Homall L Shaped Gaming Desk manages to punch well above its price tag. The best thing about this budget product is its shape, which is designed to fit into the corner of your room and provide you with tons of space.

It also looks surprisingly great, featuring a carbon fiber appearance and unique Z-shape framing for added stability. There’s even a detachable monitor stand, allowing you to free up additional desk space for all your accessories or paperwork. Aside from those features, it offers everything else you’d expect from a reliable gaming desk--such as adjustable foot pads and solid construction.

Its L-shaped footprint might not fit all game rooms, but if you can find space for it in your home, there’s a lot to love about this unique gaming desk.

Sometimes, you just want drawers to put stuff in. The problem: Most gaming desks don't have them. If you're looking for a more traditional-looking office desk that can also be used for gaming, this Bush Furniture L-shaped desk is a solid option, although it'll put you on the pricier end of the spectrum. For just over $300, you get a full 60 inches of workspace on either side, with the surface measuring 24 inches deep on the left side and 20 inches on the right. That's plenty of space to put your monitors, gaming PC, console(s), keyboard, and anything else you might need. The desk can hold up to 200 pounds of weight, so you don't have to worry about this one collapsing. It also features a four-port USB hub and a soft tray in an open cubby for storing and charging small devices, which is quite handy.

This Bush Furniture desk gets you extra storage space for your gaming equipment, with two drawers on one side and a concealed storage cabinet with a fluted glass door on the other side. These offer a great place to store extra gaming accessories, cords, games, and even your CPU tower if you want. Keep in mind this isn't solid wood, but rather engineered wood, so it'll show scratches and damage easier, but the dark espresso finish still gives it a nice look, even if it probably won't match your gaming chair color scheme.

Offering just enough space for a dual-monitor setup, the CubiCubi computer desk would work especially well for college students or apartment dwellers due to its smaller size and added storage. If you'd rather keep your gaming PC off the floor, the height of the middle shelf can be increased to allow enough room for it on the bottom shelf. The shelves can also be installed on either side of the desk, giving you some flexibility.

The back of this desk is completely open, which means there's plenty of space to stretch out and no bars to bump your legs into. The desk measures 47 inches long, offering enough room for a monitor or two along with your keyboard and mouse. However, assembly can be a bit of a pain, and you'll likely want another person on hand to help. Still, this industrial-style computer desk is a stylish and space-efficient option for those looking for a multi-purpose desk.

If you prefer to sit on the couch while gaming, a lap desk is a great option. It could even be something you purchase in addition to a standard gaming desk. The best gaming-focused lap desk around is the Couchmaster Cycon 2. This clever peripheral comes with a sturdy board for your keyboard as well as a mouse pad. Your peripherals can be secured with included velcro. It also has a cable management compartment that keeps everything looking clean as well as functional USB ports. The Cycon is propped up by a cushion on each side. It's important to note that the cushions do not attach to the board--that way you can find the right positioning for you. That said, once in place, everything feels secure. In addition to being great for PC gaming with a mouse and keyboard, it's also one of the best lap desks around for productivity due to the ample space it provides and overall comfort.

Here's another standard computer desk that puts you on the lower end of the price spectrum: this 47-inch Coleshome desk that works great for office work as well as gaming. As the photo shows, this desk could definitely fit two smaller-sized gaming monitors or one larger one. And at 23.6 inches deep, you'll still have plenty of space for your keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. The sturdy desk features a steel frame and adjustable leg pads to help you stabilize it, and according to the seller, it can support over 300 pounds of weight with no problem. Its desk panel is also waterproof and anti-scratch, so it's more resistant to wear and tear than other desks with engineered wood. The Coleshome computer desk is also available in black and walnut shades in addition to the teak shade shown above, and if you're looking for a desk that's longer or shorter than this 47-inch one, it's available in 39-inch, 55-inch, and 63-inch versions too.

An alternative to the Coleshome computer desk, this Tribesigns desk simply offers some different color options in about the same price range and a very similar design. You may find a better deal on one or the other considering how regularly Amazon discounts these, so we've included multiple options here. The Tribesigns computer desk also features sturdy metal legs and adjustable foot pads to keep the desk stable and a waterproof, anti-scratch laminate surface that's easy to clean. Assembly is incredibly easy, requiring you to just attach the legs. The Tribesigns desk is available in 47-inch, 55-inch, and 63-inch options with a 23.6-inch depth, and there are several color options including plain black, rustic brown, and more.

The best gaming desk will offer you plenty of space for all your gaming gear: from monitor and keyboard to mouse, speakers, headset stand, and any other accessories you want to have in your gaming setup. Whether you have a PC or use a PS5 or Xbox Series X at your desk, we're talking about tech you've probably spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on, so you want to make sure your gaming desk is sturdy enough to support all that heavy equipment and has the right cable management options to keep it all nice and organized. It's important to consider the desk's frame and what material it's made of--can the legs support potentially hundreds of pounds of weight? If you're buying a standard office desk rather than a dedicated gaming desk, keep an eye out for ones with adjustable foot pads that will ensure the desk is stable.

Aesthetics matter too. Do you prefer a wooden desk, or is a modern metal desk more your style? The desk surface is also an important consideration--a smooth gaming surface is important. A tempered glass surface is an especially sleek option. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you'll want to keep comfort in mind, making sure there's enough room under the desk for your knees and legs. An adjustable desk that can be raised or lowered is great for ensuring your desk is at the proper ergonomic height, though height adjustment options are often more expensive.

It's important to know how you want to use your desk too, depending on your specific gaming needs--are you looking for a simple one-monitor gaming setup, or are you planning to have multiple monitors and a heavy PC tower on top of it as well? There are standard gaming desks, ultrawide ones, and curved desks that offer varying amounts of desk space and weight capabilities--some even help you store your gaming gear. L-shaped gaming desks are popular as well--some people even buy two to set up a massive U-shaped desk area. Regular computer desks can work great for gaming too and can help lower your cost. And if you're someone who works from home full-time, a standing desk is worth considering to help you take more standing breaks throughout the day. In this guide, we've tried to include a variety of options to help you find the best gaming desk for you.

And if you're looking to get into PC gaming, we've got more guides to help make the process easier, especially if you're looking to build your own gaming PC. For affordable options, we've rounded up the best budget gaming monitors and cheap gaming chairs to get your setup looking right, along with all the best gaming keyboards, gaming laptops, and VR headsets to help you create the best machine to complement your desk setup. Plus, check out the best gaming chairs for ergonomic options to pair with your desk along with the best webcams and capture cards if you're looking to start streaming.

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