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Jun 09, 2023

20 Shoppable Ideas From This Delightful Country Cottage

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Get the look direct from the countryside An abundance of print and pattern is used in every part of this delightful

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.

Get the look direct from the countryside

An abundance of print and pattern is used in every part of this delightful cottage in a way that feels inviting, refreshing and cheerful. It offers some expert lessons on mixing styles and striking the right balance of high-street buys and vintage finds.

A sophisticated home office answers some age-old questions about how to organise a bookshelf, and the dominant colour palette of pretty pastels and richer reds and oranges (see the sky blue sofa in the sitting room and fabulous magnolia wallpaper in the bathroom,) is a masterclass in how to execute both correctly.

Here, we take a tour of the cottage and identify 20 shoppable finds within it.

This is the most perfect country cottage sitting room. Low ceilings and heavy beams have the potential cast a sombre mood, but this space has been decorated with a cheerful hand, full of pattern and texture and flushes of springtime colour.

Pastels can be a little saccharine – especially this pale blue and dusky pink combination – which is why the pattern is so important. Always avoid using blocks of pastels and instead introduce flecks of darker reds, browns, greens and even black in your textiles to create something more grown up. Wood will have a similar effect – a richer wood is better when using such pale colours.

We also love this artful and layered styling, using two rugs in the foreground and lining up a smart selection of mismatched cushions.

You really can't beat the rustic, exposed beams so prevalent in country homes. These are characteristically pale and grey-toned, and there could be a temptation to match the tones in the rest of the room, but this scheme is all about warmth.

A similar design device has been used in this bedroom – using lots of pattern to balance the cheerful pink and red tones with blacks and browns. This is a great lesson in mixing patterns too, with sailor stripes sitting next to gingham and a traditional kilim motifs.

A serious study for some serious work. There is some debate – even within the Country Living styling team – about organising a bookshelf. Do you colour coordinate your books, or leave them to pile up as they please, and should you arrange by height or allow a bit of an artful mess? This bookshelf presents a bit of a happy medium, and looks relaxed and inviting as a result.

We love the addition of a little ladder, albeit purely decorative rather than functional, and the natural rug is a great choice too – always lay them under your desk for a bit of warmth underfoot whilst you work.

Big, energetic florals are well suited to a bathroom or cloakroom where they can be enjoyed in small doses.

Next to the relatively wide colour palette in the magnolia wallpaper, the surrounding features are clean and crisp – the white tongue and grove panelling and painted floorboards offset the big, blousy florals above. In replicating this, exercise caution when selecting your bathroom accessories, as one or two complementary shades is all you’ll need.

And don’t be put off by the idea of wallpaper peeling or bubbling in a steamy bathroom – it is more resilient than you may think. Just be sure to use water-resistant materials in those areas likely to be splashed.

This sweet reading nook is one of our favourite corners, and not just because we're partial to designing in areas of peace and relaxation in the home. Again, it is a real masterclass in mixing patterns – a pink floral cushion sits happily on a striped accent chair on top of a vintage kilim.

We love the little tray to contain some accessories or a cup of tea – they are always a good idea on small side tables to contain your bits and pieces and prevent them drifting across surfaces.

And this is a little reminder to always place your reading nook next to a window if you can, as the view just adds to the experience.

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